Sunday, January 04, 2009

2008 Highlights (and lowlights)

I got this idea from a friend; I thought it'd be good to reminisce a bit. Care to join me?

January: Nate got the flu, and we found out that Ellia would, in fact, be a girl.

February: I struggled to gain weight, for the first time EVER! I got my Mary Kay business up & running.

March: We celebrated Christ's resurrection, and pregnancy nausea returned at 27 weeks.

April: We took a vacation to Texas, and Karen quit her nanny job.

May: I had a very sweet Mother's Day, Nate started his new job at DISH, and Olivia completed a big transition.

June: Ellia Joy entered our lives!

July: The girls attended their first parade, Nate celebrated his birthday, & we got a new pastor

August: A good friend went through a very low valley, I took a productive week-long hiatus from the internet, and the girls & I spent some time in Wisconsin with my family (here and here. And here and here. Also here. This one, too. Whew!)

September: We saw the Lord meet our needs, several times. We celebrated Olivia's 2nd birthday, and our 4th anniversary. And I began learning to sew.

October: I began attending a great Bible study with a good friend; I celebrated my birthday; I watched my daughters get ever bigger and prettier!

November: We welcomed our new niece, Reagan, and gasoline prices dropped dramatically. We spent Thanksgiving in Wisconsin with my family.

December: Livvie grew more and more inquisitive about things of the Lord, Ellia hit the 6-month mark, and Olivia participated in her first Christmas program.
We celebrated a wonderful Christmas here and here.

Wow, we are truly richly blessed.


Alicia said...

Great way to showcase the year's events! Are you in shock that Ellia is 6 months old already?