Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Photo Shoot

Livvie looked so cute today--I had to get a few shots with her.

So sweet in the peasant look. She did not care for the headcover, but only one reprimand was necessary.

Big girl with Mama.

"Where's the baby?" was met with this loving response. She's very gentle with my belly.

She was so sweet today. As I type, she's sitting on my lap singing her ABC's... sort of. It's more like "A, B, KAYYYYYYYY!" as she claps!

It was a nice, relaxing day. Olivia got me a new gold chain for my mother's necklace (She broke my other one.), and a new baby ring to go on it, for the new baby. We had lunch at home, but then we went to Pizza Hut after church for a yummy supper.

What'd you do today?


Heather said...

You look great!!! :) What a sweet little girl to spend Mothers Day with!

Alicia said...

Love Livvie's kerchief look! Happy Mother's Day to you all!

We did church, coldstone creamery, and then a movie night in celebration of mother's day. Wish we could have gone out to dinner but it's difficult with a 4 month old. Next year!

Karee said...

Karen, you look beautiful! livvie is just adorable, too. :) I was just catching up on your blog and read the "snuggle" story. That is by far one of the sweetest things I have EVER heard!!!!!!! What a doll! :) Sending hugs from Germany!

Kelly Glupker said...

You look wonderful! By the way, I know at one point you were trying to get Olivia into modeling of some sort. Last month in my BabyTalk magazine I saw an ad with a little girl that I swear was Olivia!