Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Resolution Review: March 2010

Wow! Did March fly by, or what?! It's time to check in and log my progress regarding my New Years Resolutions. In order to keep myself accountable this year, I'm doing monthly reviews, in which I share my successes--or maybe failures--of the past month.

Here's how I did for March:

  1. Start healthy habits... check! In March I made a concerted effort to drastically increase my water intake. I'm elated to tell you that out of the 31 days in March, I drank at least 8 glasses of water for 29 days! (Those 2 days I missed were spent at a family funeral, and the water tasted NASTY! Blech!) This is enormous progress for me; I've never enjoyed drinking water. I wish I could say that I like it now, but I don't. I suppose it'll always be a discipline for me. My healthy habit goal for April: Exercise at least three times per week... and keep up the other healthy habits I've begun.

  2. Go one one date per month...check! We almost missed out this month, when out scheduled date was cancelled for the funeral, but our good friend made sure to send us out. And thanks to a generous relative, we didn't pay a dime!
  3. Spend less...check! Now that the paychecks are coming in consistently, we've been doing more grocery shopping. But I've also been able to do a lot more couponing as well, so we've enjoyed some great deals this month and stayed within our budget.

  4. Host guests once per month... check! We had 10 adults and 8 kids over for a killer pizza party!

How'd you do with your resolutions in March?


Mary Ann said...

Just wanted to stop by & let you know that I nominated you for a couple of bloggy awards. Check out my blog for details!

Anonymous said...

Have you thought about adding a slice of citrus or other fruit to your water? it adds a little flavor, and well a teeny tiny serving of fruit (if you eat the garnish like i do) :)