Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Best of Intentions

Did you make New Years resolutions? I know many people don't like the idea, but I do. I think a new year is a great opportunity to start afresh, forming or renewing good habits. These ladies do a better job of expressing it than I.

I made a couple resolutions. Actually, Nate and I did them together this year. That is to say, we discovered we had many of the same intentions for 2010. Talk about keeping one another accountable! How 'bout that! Here are our joint resolutions:

  1. Stop eating sugar. Now, we realize that sugar is found in a host of commonly used items--even ketchup has sugar! Basically for us, this sugar-fast means no regular soft drinks, and no sweets, candy, or desserts. We've both lost weight already, (bonus!) and I anticipate the other healthful benefits will start manifesting themselves very soon. At this stage of the game, I'm also including other sugar-laden things... traditional muffins and quick breads, sugary drinks like sweet tea (duh) and lemonade, etc. I haven't missed the stuff as much as I thought I would. The only times I struggle are when the off-limits items are right in front of me. We've decided to be extremely hesitant in making exceptions to our sugar restrictions. So far we've made one exception--we DE-VOURED a handful of chocolates that were sent to us from a friend in Austria. We decided that since Stacey had gone out of her way to send us such a lovely package, it would indeed be rude to give or throw them away, yea, verily. And the other exception? When we have company over to our home. That's a rare situation, unfortunately, but I intend to host more regularly. And it's not because we'll be allowed to break out sugar fast. Honest.
  2. Go on more dates. With each kid, our dates have become fewer and farther between. We've faced this fact of life: during this season of our lives, dating opportunities will not just fall into our laps. They just won't! If we're to enjoy one-on-one time together, we will have to be planning, purposeful. We've committed to going on one date per month. (Goodness! When I look at that goal, actually typed out in black and white, it's almost laughable! Such a far, far cry from our dating and engagement days... even our pre-children days!) And I'd better get on with the planning and the purposefulness; otherwise we'll fail on this resolution before we've even begun!
  3. Spend less. We're still paying on medical bills from Ellia's birth. Ugh. And a few others that we'd LOVE to be rid of. We spend very little for a family of 5, in my opinion, but we can do better--minding our nickels and dimes and exercising more frugality and wisdom with what God has entrusted to us.

Did you make any resolutions?

Will you keep me accountable?


Jenny said...

I would love to spend less! That is one of my main goals for the year. Good luck on the sugar one. That is a hard one I think, or for me it would be, I have a huge sweet tooth. But I have been trying to be better, I know that sugar is not good for you.

I posted my resulutions here

Shyla said...

Again, I wish we lived closer. I would love to be walking through these with you. Nathan can't have sugar, so it's not the hardest thing in the world to give up here...except i really realized how much mindless sugar eating here or there i was doing.