Thursday, April 01, 2010

Freezer Cooking Day: April 2010

As much as I love to cook, I don't like to spend the afternoon and evening in the kitchen! I recently hinted at freezer cooking , sometimes referred to as once-a-month-cooking, and I'm almost ready!

Here's how I'm going about it:

  1. Secure a date. Mine is Monday, April 5.
  2. Secure childcare, if necessary. Our heaven-sent angel Melissa has Mondays off, and she's coming over to tend to the girls while I cook like a madwoman.
  3. Decide on the items you want to freeze.
  4. Make a list of the necessary ingredients, along with quantities needed (TWENTY cups of flour) (!).
  5. Check those items which you already have. The un-checked items=ready-made shopping list!

6. Double check with husband regarding mile-long shopping list. Assure him that your family will SAVE money in the long run!
7. Scour sale ads and dig through your coupons.
8. Devise your play-by-play for Cooking Day. Consider necessary counter space (rolling out yeast rolls?), oven use, time needs (using a crock pot? waiting for pizza dough to rise?), and clean-up times.

All I've got to do now is go shopping--for me, almost as fun as Cooking Day itself.

Here's my list of items for Monday:

Butterhorns (makes 32)
Olive Cheese Bread x2
Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes x2
Breakfast Cookies x2
Chicken Spaghetti x2
Stove Top Meatloaf x2
Basic Meatballs x2
Pizza Dough x2 (total of 4 crusts)
Chopped onions x4 (1/2 cup each)
Taco meat x3
Beans (2 bags=8 cans)
Refried Beans x3

Ambitious much?
Have you ever done freezer cooking?


Dawn Sutphin said...

Maybe next month I can join you. I have always wanted to do this, but it seemed to daunting doing it on my own. Let me know what you think. Dawn

Alicia said...

I have been obsessed with freezer cooking as of late! I haven't done an entire day of freezer cooking but instead have done several partial freezer cooking days. I'll post about it soon. I must say I LOVE that butterhorn recipe (I doubled it when I made it). Your olive cheese bread link looks awesome. I'll have to try that one out. Right now the last thing on my list is to do a stromboli and few more bags of rice and maybe some pizza dough (martha stewart's website has some great ideas for freezer cooking including a yummy looking recipe for whole wheat pizza dough).

Connie said...

I do the make one for dinner and two for the freezer method so I do it several times a month instead of one day. I tried the one day method several times but it did me in. I have MS so I'm sure that's why.

Your recipes look fab - hoping you photo document it for us!

Mary Ann said...

Way to go, Karen! I'll be praying for you today :-) I've never endeavered to do the freezer thing. I don't think it's that beneficial when you are only cooking for two. Also, we have an apartment sized refrigerator so the freezer is not big at all. Have fun!
*I think the planning was as fun as the actual cooking will be, right? :-)