Monday, March 22, 2010

It's Not Delivery...

Awhile back, I heard about an opportunity to host a pizza party for free, via a website called House Party. Being a big fan of both pizza and parties, I applied. I didn't expect to be selected, but lo & behold, I was! Wahoo! A couple weeks later, DiGiorno sent me a big ol' box with everything I'd need to host a successful party, including 6 coupons for FREE product.
A snazzy apron, coasters, beads, a pizza cutter, and some stand-up thingies that restaurants use (What are those called? Not "stand-up thingies," I'm pretty sure.). Not pictured: a book of coupons to give to our guests.

They wanted us to try out their newest product: a medium pizza, breadsticks, and dipping sauce--all in one box. Clever! They're about $6.50 apiece.

They come in 3 varieties: cheese pizza with cheesy breadsticks (my personal favorite); pepperoni pizza, also with cheese breadsticks (YUM.); or supreme with garlic herb breadsticks. The cheese ones were everyone's favorite, with good reason! I'd have been happy with them alone!

Celeste will kill me for putting this photo up, but I had to showcase the scrumptious pizzas!

We had good fellowship! This is Matt & Sarah. Sarah was one of my (best & brightest) English students, and she & Matt celebrated one year of wedded bliss this Christmas. Hi, Matt & Sarah!

We also had Nate's brothers and sister over, along with their families. And also Josh & Stephanie--assistant to our pastor and his wife. What a fun group! And LOUD!

So loud, in fact, that we finally plopped the kiddos down in front of a Fireman Sam DVD.

Brendan didn't like Fireman Sam.

The pizza was a big hit! I especially liked the crust, which was nice and thick and soft. DiGiorno doesn't skimp on their toppings, which is a huge pet peeve of ours. And then there were the terrific breadsticks...

We are big fans of homemade pizza, and we'll probably stick to that for our once-a-week pizza fix. But the DiGiorno 3-in-1 meal will definitely do in a pinch!


the johnson crew said...

very cool! looks like you had a lot of fun!

Alicia said...

What a cool giveaway to win! And what a great excuse to have a house full of friends over!

Mary Ann said...

Sounds like a great party & lots of fun! I like DiGiorno pizza too, but we still do the homemade thing as well.
I think those things are called 'table tents'. At least when I worked at Steak 'n Shake in high school that's what they called them.