Friday, March 26, 2010

Little Blessings Which Seem Pretty Big To Us

A week or so ago someone sent us a $50 gift card to the Outback Steakhouse.
That is a
At least it is to us.

We used it this week for our monthly date night, and lemme just say the following things:

  1. Outback's battered mushrooms are killer.
  2. So is Alice Springs Chicken.
  3. I am so proud of Nate for ordering water.
  4. Eating out is waaaaay more fun when someone else is paying.
  5. If I gain fifty pounds this month, I plan to blame Outback.

Also, a friend of ours told me she had a dresser which she wanted to give to our girls. The kids didn't have a dresser for their clothes, just stacking organizing bins. Eventually I wanted to get them a cute little dresser, but it certainly wasn't a priority. I have to confess my first thought was, "O boy, I wonder if she found it on someone's curb or something. It's probably dinged up or peeling." You never know!

Silly me. I should've known better.

I don't know how she scored the free dresser, but I do know that she repainted it, and she also added some cute embellishments. It's perfect! She says there's a little door for the cubbyhole, which she offered to cover with some cute fabric if I want. I declined at first, but I think it'd be better with the door. What say you?

God is the best gift-giver! He supplies all of our needs, and many of our wants. Who could ask for more?


the johnson crew said...

very cute - i love it!

our dressers are all dinged up and scratched... but then, our kids are so wild that we are really rough on furniture.

those are both wonderful blessings! i am glad you were blessed!

Mary Ann said...

wow! What blessings! Outback is tremendous - a definite treat. The dresser is beautiful! And bless her sweet heart for refurbishing it for you! I've done that before & let me just tell you - it ain't easy! Or maybe I'm a superwimp. That could be it...anyway, thanks for sharing your blessings!

Alicia said...

AWESOME dresser!!! I agree, a door with fabric covering would be lovely.

Wild Ghese said...

I don't know, I like it the way it is. So glad you got to go out for a good meal.