Monday, July 07, 2008

A Special Day

Yes, it's really before 6 a.m. And yes, I'm up for the day. And in a minute I'm going to run out and get some creamer. Why, you ask?

Well, today is Nate's birthday. The man MUST have coffee on his birthday!

I won't make you ill with a sappy dedication to him; he rarely reads this silly blog anyway! If sappy is what you're looking for, then read the post I wrote for his 29th birthday. And we certainly don't have anything extravagant planned, like last year!

We're just planning to spend the day together, starting with decadent french toast for breakfast. After that, who knows!?


Alicia said...

Happy birthday, Nate! A quiet family day sounds like a perfect way to celebrate. Have fun!

Sara said...

Happy Birthday, Nate! And I have ALWAYS thought Olivia looked exactly like you. Sorry Nate. Maybe the hair color I'll give to Nate, but even the eye shape is you.
Have a fun day! All he wants is to be with his girls, I'm sure!

Vicki said...

Happy Birthday, Nate! I hope you enjoyed your day!