Sunday, July 06, 2008

By the Gentle Waters

This song by Cindy Berry has been playing itself in my mind for the past few days. What a comforting and sweet reminder in these early weeks of transition.

By the gentle waters you will safely lead me,
In green pastures feed me, knowing what is best.
Though I often stray, wander far away,
I can hear you say, "Come to me and rest."
Though the path be rough and rugged,
Though the trail be dark and steep,
Still the gentle Shepherd watches o'er His sheep.

There's no need to fear when the Shepherd's near.
When your voice I hear, I find comfort sure.
Free from all alarm, sheltered from all harm,
Safely in your arms, I can rest, secure.
With the flock abiding, all my needs supplying,
Comforting and guiding, leading all the way.

Jesus, loving Shepherd, you'll forsake me never!
In your flock forever, I am not alone!
Though the darkness hide me, you are close beside me.
Gentle Shepherd, guide me 'til I'm safely home.