Sunday, February 28, 2010

Resolution Review: February 2010

It's the end of the month already; can you believe it? That means it's time to check in and log my progress regarding my New Years Resolutions. In order to keep myself accountable this year, I'm doing monthly reviews, in which I share my successes--or maybe failures--of the past month.

Here's how I did for February:

  1. Stop eating sugar... not quite. I'm ashamed to say that I cheated a couple of times. Not for anything truly tasty--frosted graham crackers!--but cheating nonetheless. I've actually re-vamped this particular resolution in the last few weeks or so; it would more appropriately read, "Start healthy habits." In January I stopped eating sugar. In February I attempted to limit my portions (rather unsuccessfully!). In March I'll make a concerted effort to drastically increase my water intake. April will be exercise, and so on. That's not to say that I abandon good habits as the new month begins, but that I build and add good habits each month. That said, I'll change the wording of this first resolution, starting next month.

  2. Go one one date per month...triple check! We had our scheduled date night over Valentine's weekend, and we also managed a lunch date! And don't forget about Date Night In! That counts, for sure!

  3. Spend less...check! I'm thrilled to report that Nate is back to work! Last week was his first full week since Christmas. Boy, was it nice for him to come home with a paycheck on Friday! We certainly won't take those for granted anymore, not after this lean winter! God has been abundantly faithful to us, supplying our needs over and over again. We received a hefty income tax refund (thanks to a[nother] addition to the family!) and were able to pay off a couple of credit cards as well. So not only have we spent less in February, but we've done some debt-slashing! Hallelujah!

  4. Host guests once per month... double check!
We had some good friends over whom we hadn't seen in awhile. It's so fun to catch up!

We also hosted a pizza party with Nate's parents and his brother's family. (Fun cupcake photos to come!)

How'd you do with your resolutions in February?