Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Olivia!

Livvie is FOUR today! 

I can scarcely believe it's been four years since I became a mother. 
Four years since I had no belly fat.
Four years since I slept well.
Four years since I could take a shower or apply makeup or read something without company.
Four years since I sat and leisurely sipped a (hot) cup of coffee.

But I digress.

Can it be?  The first time I experienced labor pains and childbirth... was four years ago? 
Four years ago, she made me a mother...

...and just look at how big and beautiful she is now!

Olivia is a (recovering) princess, no doubt about it.  She loves all things girly--flowers, dresses, ribbons, jewelry, tea parties, twirling, sparkles, and everything fancy.  Just recently she sweetly informed me,
"Mom, you should grow your hair longer. 
It looks prettier and fancier that way."

Olivia's laughter is infectious; she's lively and sharp.  She's a sucker for physical comedy, silly noises, and funny facial expressions. 

Her most favorite and bestest activity of all time in the whole wide world forever and ever amen, is
The child asks no fewer than one dozen times each day, "Mommy, will you read to me?" 
(Shame on her mother for not reading to her more often.)

Olivia is mommy's girl, absolutely and for certain.  A recent snippet of a conversation:

Me:  "I'm going to the store.  You're staying with Daddy."
Olivia:  "Noooooooooo!!!  I wanna go with you!"
Me:  "I just have to pick up a few things.  I won't be long."
Olivia:  "But Mommy, I will miss you.  I want to be with you!"
Me:  "But you should spend some time with Daddy.  Besides, you saw me all day!"
Olivia:  "Mama, I haven't had enough of you.  Please can I come?" 

Our prayer for you, Olivia, is that you will grow to love and serve God with all your heart.  We just know that God will accomplish much with your surrendered life!  We love you so much. 
***Happy Birthday!***


Heather said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!!! Happy Birthday Olivia!

Alicia said...

What a sweet lovely little girl you've been blessed with! Happy happy birthday, Olivia!

Kelly Glupker said...

The first word that came to mind after seeing Olivia's pictures in this post was, "BEAUTIFUL!"