Monday, September 13, 2010

Olivia's 4th Birthday

A few days before Livvie's birthday, I asked her what she wanted to do on her special day. 
Her answer:  noisemakers, a princess cake, and the park.  And mac-n-cheese for supper.

The girl is still easy to please.

On her birthday, she woke up and ran out to me (as usual), asking, "Is it my birthday yet?  Am I four?" 
Imagine her delight when I could finally tell her, "YES! You are four now!" 

She sat in her girly birthday chair for the breakfast of choice:  chocolate chip pancakes.  I asked Olivia, "Do you feel different?  Bigger, maybe?"  She thought for a moment and decided, "Nope, I feel just the same."
Alongside her birthday place setting were noisemakers and a lovely arrangement of shiny bejeweled rings.  She wore them proudly all day long.
Then we got ready to go to the park.  Olivia put her shoes on and announced with relief, "Mommy, even though I'm four now, my shoes still fit me!"

(I have no photos of the park, as I was scurrying hither and yon after one particularly daring child, one whose name starts with a "Bri" and ends with an "enna.")

From there, we headed to Children's Orchard, a kids' consignment shop which sends kids a special e-mail on their birthday, good for one item $5.99 or less.  Olivia made a smart choice:
Then we went to McDonald's for lunch, where Livvie & Ellia each received a Happy Meal.  (It was, after all, a special day.)  Olivia met a little girl in the playplace, and she excitedly reported, "Mom!  Her name is Olivia, too, and she's four, just like me!  WE'RE TWINS!" 

The girl was African American.  But it was good to see that Livvie didn't care. 

Either that, or she has no idea what "twins" means. 

Olivia skipped her nap and played quietly, happily, all afternoon.  At one point she came and found me, asking, "Mommy, is it still my birthday?  I'm still four, right?"  ("Yes, Olivia, you're still four.")  "Actually, I'm almost FIVE!"

For dinner, it was all of her favorites:  mac-n-cheese, broccoli, and grapes, with chocolate milk. 
And then it was present time.
Nate was cameraman during present time, so we have just a few.  (wink!)
Livvie loved her new necklace, and she's excited to use her water bottle for soccer in a couple weeks.
A giant coloring/sticker book from one of her church teachers.
She also received books, puzzles, a dress, PJ's, cash, a game, and several other little fun things.

I really didn't want to do a princess cake, so I did a doll cake instead.
Just try not to be distracted by the beauty and professionality of it all.  It is a wonder.
But oh, did it make one little four-year-old gasp and squeal.
And then we pulled the dolly out and stuck in a candle.
All day long, Olivia kept hugging me and saying, "Thank you for such a fun birthday, Mama!"  What a sweet kid. 

Thank you, my girl!  I had fun, too.


Mary Ann said...

Sounds like a fun, sweet birthday celebration! Happy birthday, Olivia!