Thursday, September 09, 2010


Probably the best thing about our recent visit to Chicagoland was the opportunity to get the girls together with some of their cousins. 

Like this one, who continually makes us laugh: 

***Evan, age 3***

And this one, goofy though he may be:

***Drew, age 8***

And this one, who I found out LOVES to pose for the camera:

***Caela, age 6***

And then there's this one.  (I'm her favorite aunt.)

***Elaina, 9 months***

These kids just love to play together!  And we love to witness it. 
They had fun running around the park together...

...and eating junk food together...

...and gettin' all up in one another's personal space.

We love you, Grampy & Grammy!