Friday, April 30, 2010

Resolution Review: April 2010

April is over, which means 2010 is 1/3 behind us.  Unbelievable!  It's time to check in and log my progress regarding my New Years Resolutions. In order to keep myself accountable this year, I'm doing monthly reviews, in which I share my successes--or maybe failures--of the past month.
Here's how I did for April:

  1. Start healthy habits... fail!  In April I was supposed to exercise three times per week.  I didn't expect to do it 100%, but neither did I expect to fail so miserably.  I exercised the first two weeks faithfully, and not at all the second two weeks.  Grr.  I suppose it's only natural that my resolve and enthusiasm are waning at this point.  I've lost only two measly pounds since the initial 11-pound loss in January, and I've become a little lazy.  My healthy habit goal for May is nothing new--in fact, all I want to do in May is to get back on the wagon, keeping up the other healthy habits I've begun. Or not begun, depending on which habits we're talking about.  So--it's back to no sugar, reasonable portions, 64 ounces water daily, exercising 3x weekly.  I've been doing everything at about 50%, but I'm ready to try, try again!  Additionally, right now I'm smack dab in the middle of a liver/gallbladder cleanse; we'll see what that, umm, yields
  2. Go one one date per month...check!  Nate's brother and his wife watched our kids so we could enjoy dinner.  And thanks to Swagbucks, we paid $10 for the entire night!  (Want to start earning points yourself?  Get 30 free swagbucks, just for signing up!  Let me know if you'd like an e-mail invitation.) 
  3. Spend less...check, sort of!  We had a couple church functions which required a few extra bucks here and there (gotta love potlucks!).  We also splurged for Easter and bought an 8-lb. ham.  But the girls and I were out of town for nearly a week this month, so we broke about even in the end.
  4. Host guests once per month... check! We hosted our former neighbors and had a great time.
How'd you do with your resolutions in April?


Mary Ann said...

Keep it up, Karen! All the healthy habit stuff is hard to do, but so worth it. I'm constantly starting over. But ready to go again every time! I'm so sorry to hear about your gall bladder issues. I had mine removed in February. I feel so much better, but surgery (even laparoscopically) requires more recovery than I anticipated. My mother in law is having her's removed today. It's the most common surgery in the US. I hope you feel better!

Karen said...

I don't have gallbladder or liver issues, but I wanted to do some sort of cleanse to get back on track. What I'd really like to do is an intestinal-type cleanse, but I'm told those are generally too drastic to attempt while breastfeeding.

Mary Ann said...

Oops, my bad. Evidently I have reading issues :-) Glad to know you don't actually have gall bladder disease. Good luck with the cleanse. I was going to attempt some of that kind of stuff before I signed up for surgery, but I just didn't have the nerve to do it. It was ummm...yucky sounding. And with no guarantee it would help my situation.

Melissa said...

Hey Karen,

Just a quick question. Can you e-mail me and tell me what kind of cleanse you are doing? I am looking for something to do. I specifically need a liver cleanse but your cleanse might work since I no longer have a gall bladder. Several doctors have told me that my problems with being tired all the time are because of my liver. It is getting bogged down with all the stuff that is in the air that my body can't handle and is therefore having to work harder. I know that was a lot to say, but I am just curious. Thanks and have a great day.