Friday, April 30, 2010

Anger "Management," Part Five: Putting (Casting) it Off

It's not easy, but it must be done.
Anger must be eradicated.  But how?

  1. Admit that anger is your problem.  According to James 4:1 & 2, anger and conflict stem from our own sinful desires.  We can't blame it on our genes ("I'm a redhead!"), our personality ("I'm just passionate!"), our blood line ("I'm Irish!"), or anything else.  Anger is our fault.
  2. Identify the root of your anger.  Envious of another's success, like Cain?  Or of someone else's grand achievements, like Saul?  Too proud to accept rebuke (Asa) or to follow orders (Naaman)?  Maybe your pride has been wounded by another, maybe even publicly (Haman).  Or maybe you've been deprived of something you thought you deserved (Ahab).  Are you angry because God extended mercy to someone who "didn't deserve it," like Jonah was?
  3. Confess your anger--and its root.  Ask God to aid you in putting it off for good! 
  4. Make restitution with the object of your anger.  We can't skip this one, uncomfortable though it may be.  My #4 looked a little like this:  Kids, Mommy has not been training and disciplining you the way God tells me to.  At times I've been angry with you instead of loving and patient; will you forgive me?  Thankfully, children are quick to forgive!
  5. Follow the put off/put on principle by replacing anger with fruits of the new man:  kindness, patience, humility, forgiveness, and love.  Christ accomplishes this in us as we fill our minds with His Word.  And His Word will never return to us void! 
Lord, renew my mind today!  I want the mind of Christ!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the continous updates on the anger study. God has really been putting a burden on my heart about the subject and the closer to him i get the harder Satan tries to keep me angry. (especialy in the past week). Just wanted to say you are such a blessing!