Sunday, January 31, 2010

Resolution Review: January 2010

After this first month of 2010, I wonder how well (or how poorly!) people are keeping their New Years Resolutions. In order to keep myself accountable this year, I intend to do a monthly review, in which I share my successes--or maybe failures--of the past month. Enter the...

Here's how I did for January:

  1. Stop eating sugar... check! I'm glad to report that this one went extremely well! Our exception situations are very few, which is a good thing! I ate a couple of chocolates from my friend in Vienna. I also enjoyed one piece of dessert when we had company over. Last, I ate a couple of treats which were gifted to us by a church friend. All of those sugary treats fell under the umbrella of our exceptions, and I'm really thankful for the Lord's help in exercising restraint. Nate and I have both been weighing in each Sunday. In the month of January, I lost 11 pounds! An added bonus, to be sure!
  2. Go one one date per month...almost check! I guess I can't technically call it a date. We left the kids with a friend and went to dinner with our Young Single Adult group. Although it was really nice to get out without the kids, we mostly enjoyed other people, instead of focusing on one another without distraction. Next month, however, we've got our date night marked on our calendar and have confirmed our babysitter!
  3. Spend less...double check! Nate did several days' work doing some remodeling at his brother's house; however, he has been laid off at his construction job. He hasn't worked there all month! Suffice it to say we haven't had a dime to waste! It was a "fun" challenge to scrounge up meals with what we had, but we're certainly praying for God's continued provision and guidance. He has been faithful and will continue to be so. And it'll be exciting to watch Him work!
  4. Host guests once per month... check! I didn't mention this one specifically, but we believe that we have a responsibility to demonstrate generosity and foster fellowship with other believers. It was extremely difficult to entertain in our other, far smaller, home. But now we have ample room to do so! We hosted our church's new youth leader/assistant to the pastor and his wife in January. It was a blessed evening with godly friends! We've got next month's guests all lined up--friends whom we haven't seen in a long while. We're excited!

How'd you do with your resolutions? How are you keeping accountable?


TwoMuths said...

Great job, Karen! I'm trying not to be jealous that your elimination of sugar netted you such an impressive loss. ;-) (my elimination of sugar netted no such loss) I'm super happy for you!! Those are great resolutions - I didn't make any official resolutions this year, although there are some specific changes I've been working on lately that were long overdue.

Stacey said...

Glad I could be apart of the exception in your sugar intact;-) that made me feel special.

Love the Host a guests once per month, might take that idea and try it.

No sugar for me the whole month of Jan, only lost 2 pounds. Lucky you!