Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Brain Dump: a mish-mash

Hurriedly, in absolutely no particular order, before my brain overloads and shuts down completely, I give you this Brain Dump.

  1. Nate just began his 3rd full week back to work. Hallelujah! The Psalmist never saw God's children beg for bread, and we haven't seen it yet, either.

  2. I have reverted to my default haircut once again (no highlights like the photo, although my grays could surely use them!). I missed my long hair for about 20 seconds, but I've enjoyed the easy & quick styling even more.

  3. I'm on a water-drinking streak--8 days in a row now! My healthy habit goal for March was to drink more water, and I've done well so far! Water is just about my least favorite beverage, but I know it's an essential for optimum health. I've been tabulating my daily intake on a calendar; the visual motivation is great when I'm tempted to slack off.

        ***my enormous water jug, which I empty every day***


        4. I'm addicted to these little goodies here. I may or may not have eaten an entire dozen the last time I made them.

        5. I am stunned to realize that Resurrection Sunday is a mere 3.5 weeks away. I must needs retrieve our Easter supplies/decor, ASAP! It really sneaked up on me this year!

        6. Know what else sneaked up on me? My baby's half-birthday.

        This Brain Dump has been successfully completed. Thank you for your participation.

        Over and out.


        Kelly Glupker said...

        I LOOOOVE WATER! I really do. I drink it all the time - at least two full glasses at every meal and several more throughout the day. I guess I'm weird. Good work on the progress!