Thursday, September 10, 2009

To Olivia, on your birthday

Dear Olivia,

I can hardly believe you are three years old today. I can remember so clearly the day you were born. You were so soft and so tiny, and verrrrrry loud! You wanted to eat all the time, and you did not like to sleep at night! You made Mommy and Daddy pretty tired, but you were so cute and snuggly!

I remember your 1st birthday. You made such a funny mess when you ate your cake! The time went by so quickly, and you just keep getting bigger and bigger. You keep getting smarter, and prettier... and funnier, too!

Your 2nd birthday was lots of fun, and you did so many new things when you were two! You loved to be Mommy's little helper in the kitchen, and you became such a wonderful big sister to Ellia. You learned how to go potty, sleep in a big-girl bed, and color, and you also left the nursery for your big-kid Sunday School classes at church.

And now you're THREE! You love to wear pretty dresses and jewelry, and I know you'll be an even better helper to Mommy when your new baby sister comes. You love to play with dolls, and you're so smart! You can even write your name now! You know so many Bible verses and songs, and you know how to use good manners.

God has such a wonderful, exciting job for you to do, Livvie! You are so determined when you make up your mind--I hope and pray that you'll make up your mind to please God in everything you do.

Mommy loves you, Livvie!
Happy Birthday!

Love, Mommy


Stacey said...

What a precious letter. She is so smart and beautiful. You and Nate have done such an awesome job.

Happy Birthday, Livvie!