Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A little of everything

Boy, it seems I've either run out of things to say, or my thoughts are simply too disjointed to get anything on here consistently. We'll blame it on the pregnancy. Nevertheless, here's what's been going on at our house:

Ellia has cut her first tooth. Er, make that teeth. The bottom 2 popped through last week.

I am finished with that difficult first trimester. Hallelujah! I saw the doctor yesterday (absolutely adorable and I love her and no you can't have her name), who stunned me by NOT giving me a hard time about our decision to forego RhoGAM during pregnancy. Given our past experiences with this topic, it was so refreshing not to be given the 3rd degree. Our ultrasound is in 6 weeks.

Olivia is potty trained. Again, hallelujah! Even though she stays dry all night, I've not been brave enough to leave underwear at bedtime. Right now we are doing battle with her about her sassy mouth. That's fun.

Nate hurt his back last week at work. He just walked in the door from the chiropractor's office, so hopefully it'll be better soon.

Ellia had her 9-month checkup today and was declared beautiful, healthy, and well-fed. She's just over 20 lbs (76%).

Last, it is a gorgeous 66 degrees outside, and I'm outta here! One stinky load of little girls' laundry to throw in, and I'm going outside! Have a great afternoon!


Alicia said...

I know, wasn't today GORGEOUS?!? We spent time outside this afternoon playing and then took a family walk after supper. Ah, the sweet taste of spring!