Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas goodies!

This year we're simplifying BIG TIME again... we have the tree & stockings, the nativity set, and my grandma's lighted church.  I did up lots of sweets because that is relaxing to me:

  • Gingerbread men
  • cracker toffee
  • peanut butter blossoms (subbed out the PB so Olivia can enjoy)
  • chocolate-dipped potato chips
  • chocolate-dipped pretzel rods
  • Peanut butter fudge
  • rolo pretzel turtles
  • puppy chow
  • Oreo truffles (2 batches)
  • molasses crinkles
  • divinity
  • pumpkin cinnamon-chip scone-kies (half scone/half cookie)
  • chocolate-dipped Oreos
Now that I see that ridiculous list, it would seem I didn't simplify at all.

I did, though!  Baking is fun, and I baked only those things we enjoy! 
However, I'll probably regret all this wonderful junk when I step on the scale next week.  No exercise because of injury + Christmas cookie overload = fitness disaster!

I never was a math whiz.

BUT!  We gave some away, and we've been enjoying them all month!  One last thing to bake for Christmas Day:  pumpkin cake roll.

What are you baking for Christmas?


Jennyz said...

you haven't posted in a while. hope all is well and your back is feeling better!

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