Monday, December 15, 2014

Another Injury. A Bad One.

On December 1st I injured my back.  
I do this every so often, and I'm usually out of commission for about a week.

This time I really went big.  I'm just now feeling almost like myself again.  
Go figure:  I'm lean and active, and this back injury is probably the worst I've had.

I think God had some priority shifting for me to do.

Brienna was so snuggly that first week, when I literally spent all of the time in bed, except trips to the bathroom (Ouch.) and the 2 showers I took (OUCH.).

She's good company; I highly recommend her if you're flattened by illness or injury.

Olivia made me this very sweet picture for the wall.

We spent a good bit of time cuddling together!   The Lord was very gracious in that He helped them to be good girls and fend for themselves beautifully.  Olivia was a whiz in the kitchen, and they all played together so nicely.

I had a LOT of these babies.  Did you know BBQ sauce is wonderful on sweet potatoes?

Laughing does not hurt my back, I found out.
(Sneezing and coughing, though?  AGONIZING.)

They made many beautiful pictures to hang near my bed.  My favorite was this one by Ellia:

I won't be playing volleyball til after the new year, at least.  
I haven't run since November 30, and I likely won't for another week or so.  I'm okay with that.