Thursday, June 19, 2014

Vacay to PA

We trekked out to Pennsylvania for a week, to visit Nate's sister Shannon and her clan. 
She has 3 girls, nearly stair-stepped with our own.  It is a mighty emotional time whenever those six girls are together, lemme tell ya.

Despite the rain, threatening clouds, and severe thunderstorms, we all had a wonderful time!  
We visited Chocolate World (above )and drooled over all the confectionery delights... and Monkey Joe's (below).

They aren't so good at settling down for campouts.  Two years ago when we let them attempt this, we finally called it quits just after midnight.  But after 4 nights of begging, we let them give it a try.  They did much better this time!

We got such a kick out of all the cups and plates all lined up in a row!  Those girls can PUT IT AWAY.  Sorta like their mommies...

Chloe Belle turned 4 while we were there.  Ellia's birthday is just a few days later (six, you guys.  SIX!  Can't go there.)  so we had a joint party.  They were such sweet birthday girls.

I mean, SO SWEET.

Our friends made a special dessert for Ellia's birthday.  We're so thankful whenever we can visit family and friends!  They're precious to us!