Saturday, May 10, 2014

What I'll Do On Mother's Day

Each Mother's Day looks pretty much the same:  gathering with other Christians to worship, going to lunch,  opening homemade cards and sweet gifts... and the splendid absence of cooking or dishes.

Last year I was a mess of tears and disappointment.  My expectations of enjoying the children's adoration and sweet submission were simply not fulfilled.  That was a rough wake-up call, but a necessary one, and not just for mother's day.  I learned that in order to be a truly servant-spirited mother, there IS no such thing as having the day off.  Or having a day that's All About Me.  Motherhood is never about me.  It can't be about me.  I learned that my lofty expectations for praise and honor had dug themselves a deep little root of idolatry, and when harvest time came and I was met with disappointment, I saw the situation as God did. He's merciful to let us see our sin clearly.

This year I'm trying to embrace a different perspective.  With God's help,

  • I am taking more time to reflect on God's good & perfect gift of my own mother.  She's amazing and she doesn't even know it.
  • I put more thought, care, and love into gift-giving.
  • I will gladly take opportunities to serve my children, and not expect the reverse.
  • I will tell them how much I love them and praise God for them, and not expect the reverse.  I would not BE a mother if not for them.
  • I will keep fighting against the lie that society keeps trying to feed me:  that a truly beautiful woman will look as though she never had children.  I will not neglect good health practices, but I will not resent the way that God's gift of children has changed my body.  
  • I will express my thankfulness to my husband for his support and love.  Again...wouldn't BE a mother if not for him!
  • I will pray extra for my girls, and for my own growth in godliness.
  • I have expressed my admiration and love for my husband's mother, who defies all mother-in-law stereotypes with her grace and wisdom.
  • I will take the time to communicate my thanks and love to my beautiful birth mother, one of the most selfless people I've ever known.
  • I will relish this gift of motherhood, and this particular season of motherhod, remembering how quickly the time passes.  I'll be thankful, because God is so good.  So good.


Jennyz said...

Love that your blogging again. You are my favorite blog! This is a perfect reminder. I turned 41 this year and have 5 kids. The reminder about society and my body is spot on. I really needed that. Thanks. Have a wonderful Mothers Day!

Karen said...

Thanks, Jennyz! That's a high compliment, with all the scads of blogs out there! I've missed blogging and am glad to have started up again. So happy to know that you were blessed!