Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Enjoying God's Beautiful World!

After a week of rain, Sunday afternoon turned out to be sunny and warmish.
We had to take advantage of it and get out!

We stopped at Crystal Lake, finally thawed out and sparkling as usual.  

 We found a little trail, well-marked by the super DNR crew, which is a good thing for my less-than-stellar sense of direction.  We hiked.  And we walked on fallen logs  And we looked for birds, mushrooms, and little creatures. 

We also took Maizey, who made us laugh so hard.  I think she may not have keen eyesight, since she got all bristle-y and mad at a tall tree stump.  Maybe she thought it was a person?  Or a grizzly?  We love being outside, and the hard winter made us all the more aware of and grateful for the lovely spring air and sunshine.  God is good to us, and He makes all things new!