Monday, May 12, 2014

That Lovin' Feelin'

Yesterday was perfect.
Just exactly how I would have written a chapter entitled "The Perfect Mother's Day."

Chocolate-covered strawberries and coffee served up by three eager kids with behead.

Handmade cards and adorably misspelled love declarations, along with presents of candles and chocolate.

So many kisses and hugs and "Happy Mother's Day" wishes, all before I had even brushed my teeth.  And they were so happy that it was FINALLY MOTHER'S DAY!  One child even said, "Mama, I love you and you're the best mom ever, so I'm going to be your shadow for the whole day and stay right by you!

After church, it was out to lunch at a fantastic Mexican place, where the chips were fresh and the salsa flowed freely.  We splurged on an appetizer and the kids even got to have frozen slushy drinks in fancy glasses with umbrellas in them.  La Senortia, your chili relleno just may have been the best I've had, and that, my friends, is sayin' somethin'.  They've certainly made their way into my heart and also the Preferred Restaurant List.

We exited La Senorita into the glorious sunshine and Nate snapped a photo of the girls and me.  And some kind woman offered to take one of all 5 of us.  I love it.

The weather was so lovely that I thought it might be a great day for a hike, so that is exactly what we did!  It was gorgeous!  Behold:

 This guy refuses to take a nice photo with me!  What a punk.  But he's MY punk, and I'm keeping him.

All was not lost, though.  I talked him into standing with me for a quick photo before we left.  Ellia  played photographer.

At some point during the hike, my phone died. 

But after the hike we went to a park and played together until the kids started getting hungry.  Ice cream sundaes and a fire in the front yard were the perfect end to the day.  The kids kept saying it was the best day ever, and I had to agree.  I am stunned when I think about God, my heavenly Father, relishing time with me and delighting in my simple, child-like adoration for Him.  I love being reminded of it.  Best day ever, indeed.