Sunday, May 18, 2014

"New" Bikes

We dragged out Olivia's bike a couple weeks ago, and she looked absolutely comical on it.  Exactly like one of those clowns riding a teeny little bike!

We realized that she got it for the Christmas of 2010.

Nate scrounge at area resale stores and finally found a beautiful bike at a pawn shop!  It was a good deal at $40.  A week later, we stopped by to see if it was still there.  It was.  Even better, it was marked down to $30!

Brienna had also outgrown her bike, so the pawn shop offered a $10 trade-in, and we walked out with Liv's "new" bike for twenty US dollars!  Olivia's old bike, which is still in great shape, is just right for Brienna... who, coincidentally, is four.

Liv and I went on the first ride of the season today.  She will get used to the new bike quickly.