Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Foraging in our own backyard!

We just love living in a rural setting.

We are learning a lot about the plants and creatures that surround us, and that's exciting! This spring we have learned a little bit about the elusive morel mushroom.   We've enjoyed a bit of success hunting them on our own, right on the property where we are living.  (Did you know that people around here gladly pay $35-40 for one pound of morels?)  We've also enjoyed foraging for ramps (i.e., wild onions/ wild leeks).  They're plentiful, and very similar to green onions, but more pungent. Delicious!  We also came across a couple rhubarb plants, and we scarfed down a tasty strawberry rhubarb crisp last week.

We can't wait to have a garden!