Wednesday, March 05, 2014


I'm sorry.

I really am!

I left y'all for a fling with Facebook, which is easier than blogging but not necessarily better.

It is really difficult to blog from a phone, so posts probably won't be lengthy or regular until we get a working computer and internet.  But I will do my best!

In August we moved to northern Michigan.  Nate took a promotion, and we relocated to this spectacularly beautiful part of the state.  We love it here, even though the winters are colder and longer.

God in His great provision sold our home in a timely fashion and provided a super temporary housing situation.  We're in a country, small-town setting with acreage and water close by.  We added a furry new member to the family in October.  Maizey is typical.  Naughty, adorable, energetic.

The girls are doing well, growing and changing every day!  We continue to homeschool and enjoy it.

Olivia turned 7 in September.  She's in 2nd grade and reads everything she can get her hands on.

Ellia will be 6 this June.  She's an excellent reader, too, so she breezes through her Kindergarten lessons.

Brienna was 4 in September.  She does a modified Kindergarten with Ellia but mostly plays and draws.

I'm learning and growing so much in this new setting.  The Lord is a precious Friend way up here, during these times when I experience loneliness or fear.  We thank Him for His continued direction and provision!


Jennyz said...

so glad your back! i missed your blog.