Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A few thoughts on Aging

32 is not old.  I know this because 
(a) I am 32.  And 
(b) I am not old.  

Those mathematical postulates and theorems and other various Whatnot did not fall on deaf ears during 9th grade Geometry.  I'll let my solid B-minus speak for itself.  

But it is worthwhile to note the following:

#1:  I do not tolerate the cold very well anymore.
 And we haven't even had much cold weather in the past couple of winters.  This photo gives me the chills, and I'm already wearing my bathrobe and slippers.  Yes, yes I am.

#2: I fear for my personal safety while doing perfectly normal and not-dangerous activities.  Like descending the basement stairs, all 7 of them.  Or navigating a corner whilst carrying a laundry basket.  

#3:  Olivia has learned how to knit recently, and I have been begging her to let me do a few rows now and then.  It's really not that hard, and it is a nice thing to do while you listen to music in the evenings.  I might ask my friend to teach me how to cast on, so I can work on a project of my own.  (I don't even know myself anymore.) 

#4:  I often want to linger out-of-doors and breathe in the fresh air, enjoying the beauty of God's handiwork which proclaims His glory at every turn.  So maybe this means I'm merely maturing, and not OLD.  Right?

#5:  I am turning into a Homebody.  5 days out of 7, I would rather be home, puttering around the house and yard or snuggling with my punks...than out-and-about.  I never thought I'd say that.  But it's true.

#6:  I think to myself every single day, how quickly the time is passing by.  These children are such a precious loan from God, and they are sprouting up right before my eyes!