Thursday, February 21, 2013

Yay for the Library!

We love our local libraries.  Love them!

The girls used to run off to play with the dollhouses and toys and thingamajigs.
Now they grab an armful of books and sling them onto the closest surface they can find.

We actually have two libraries, and we love them both.  The smaller, older one has a giant cart in the children's section, with stamping supplies, coloring books, and a stack of fresh, blank paper.  GLORIOUS.

This week we found a whole slew of books by Sally Lloyd-Jones.
She authored our beloved and very popular Jesus Storybook Bible.  

Did you know she also wrote such adorable picture books as 

"No one will marry you if you don’t ever brush your hair and it looks like a bird’s nest back there.  And never get married when it’s dark, because you might not see the groom, and marry the wrong person.  When you have found your Own True Love, you must ask permission.  'Can I marry you please?' you say.  'Yes, please,' he says."

We will soon be walking into our library not with a tote bag, but with a giant Rubbermaid tub and a dolly.  These girls are voracious readers, and I couldn't be more thankful!

**Sally Lloyd-Jones doesn't know me, and she didn't pay me to promote her books.  We just love 'em!