Thursday, January 03, 2013

Anatomy of a Good Day

It was a good day.

Not because I had an indulgent day at the spa... or because I spent the day lounging in my PJ's sipping coffee.  I didn't immerse myself in a great book for several uninterrupted hours, and I certainly didn't relax on the beach.

Come on!  It's January in Michigan!

{{Disclaimer:  I'm not saying any of those days are bad or unwholesome or unworthy of a blog post.  Just wasn't that kind of day:  the kind most moms-in-the-thick-of-it seem to long for.}}

I just... spent a nice day with my people, doing nothing spectacular in the least.  I feel like I should journal these kinds of ordinary days more often, and not hold out for the moments that most would consider really extraordinary.

{{Disclaimer, cont'd:  I realize some will take issue, theologically, with a post about a singularly good day.  I do know and believe that every day is a gift from God and, as such, is good.  Just humor me here, okay?}}  

These good days happen often, they really do.  I think they probably happen more often than you realize, too.  What constitutes a "good day" for you?  Here are a few reasons it was a Good Day:

~Because when I put my 4-year-old in the tub, her 6-year-old sister begged to go in with her so they could play.

~Because when we told eldest daughter that tomorrow she will go on a date with her Daddy, she could not stop smiling and talking about it  She has her fanciest dress picked out.

~Because I sent three little sillies into uproarious laughter by suddenly singing loudly & off-key while making funny faces.

~Because a certain 1st-grader has FINALLY got a loose tooth, which she delights in wiggling about.  It practically dangles out of her mouth.  [shudder]

~Because of an earnest question posed tonight:  "What would we do if a homeless person knocked on our door wanting to stay the night?  And what if you could just tell that he was really and truly homeless and not a robber?"  Our conclusion was that we are very thankful for a strong and wise Daddy who would certainly do all he could to help the poor while protecting his family.

~Because today I overheard Olivia talking to her fish.  Scolding it for picking on its tank-mate.  "Seriously, Molly.  Mom flushed the last two fish that picked on others.  You'd better stop."

~Because they were so thrilled and thankful when I bought them a hot cocoa to share while we grocery-shopped.  I didn't even mind all the slurping and sighing.

~Because at said grocery store, the holiday-edition coffee creamers were marked down.  After combining with my sweet coupons, I paid a mere $0.62 for all three yummy flavors.  Sometimes I think I can feel the Lord winking at me.

~Because when we went coat shopping this afternoon, the older two girls loved every coat I tried on and loudly told me so.  (More great deals there, too!  *WINK!*  I got this one in tweed.  And a larger size.)

~Because when we stopped to play at the mall play area, they mostly just wanted to play with each other  (though they did graciously include others who wanted in on their game of chase).

~Because even though what they really wanted was to ride the little mall train for THREE DOLLARS PER PERSON, they were delighted to get a gumball instead.

~Because we rode the escalator a couple of times, just because they wanted to.  Even though I was certain I'd pull a Buddy the Elf move, trying to navigate myself and 3 eager kiddos onto it.  (Escalator acrobatics around 1:05)

~And because a funny three-year-old, elbow-deep in dish suds making Bubble Soup with my whisk, said,
"Mommy, thanks for letting me do the dishes for you."

These ordinary, simple days are the ones I want to remember when I'm old and my kids have flown the nest.
They are good, good days from a good and gracious God.


lavanya balla said...

Praise The Lord sister,
u r blog is very nice and u r three little fairies r so beautiful. God Bless Them. Thank You.