Saturday, January 12, 2013

Yeah, the family photos are going to be bad for awhile...

My baby defies me by continuing to insist on growing up.
I tell her all the time to quit eating her vegetables and to stop drinking her milk and reading so much.  
It isn't working!

Homegirl lost her first tooth last week!
(Whoa.  Sister's got a weird eye thing goin' on here!)

And then she lost her second one today!  I think it was just out of spite.
For now, she's proud to show off the gaping hole in her smile.  I hope the rest of her teeth wait a little while.

We had Olivia's dear friend over today.  K was her classmate in Kindergarten last year.  They did foot baths and manicures and played dress-up and dolls.  And they had an exquisite luncheon together:  a bride, two princesses, and a ballerina.  It was fun to see them having such a good time and playing so wonderfully together!  

These little people continue to grow (SLOWLY!) in their relationships with each other, becoming better and better friends each week!