Monday, September 10, 2012

Olivia is SIX!

 Wait, WHAAAAT!?!?!!
No.  No, no, no-no-no.  

THIS kid?  SIX?

Really?  THIS little fat-faced babykins?

OH, I can hardly stand it.

But it's true. Olivia is a big six-year-old now.

We had a great day together:  starting with birthday donuts and a couple presents & cards.

Big-girl projects.  (Nice pose there, my girl.)

Wal-Mart gift card... it must be around age 6 that kids start doing that cheesy smile for the camera...

And my word, when on earth did this child get so LEGGY?  
(I'm jealous of your smooth, naturally highlighted ponytail.)

She got to work right away on her weaving.

But it wasn't long before we headed out to the BIG activity of the day:
getting her ears pierced!

She iced them on the way there.  I don't think it helped much.

Blissfully ignorant.  (LOVE Ellia's expression here!)  Excitedly taking in all of the goings-on and instructions and what-not.

Note the sudden change of expression.  It's GO-TIME, girl.

(NOT PICTURED:  tears and sniffling)

All done!
And she must've told us at least 20 times today:  
"Mom, I'm so glad I got my ears pierced!"

We took birthday cake to Daddy's work.

And then went to the park, where my PARENTS showed up and totally surprised us!

Happy Birthday, sweet Olivia.
I hope you always love learning and growing.  
And for heaven's sake, PLEASE slow down with all of the growing up!


Caroline Berk said...

What a pretty girl. My blog came up before yours and I just clicked "next blog" and got to go to a birthday party. Wow. Happy birthday Olivia.

My granddaughter is five and already has the cheesy smile!.

Your daughters are lovely. Enjoy every moment!