Saturday, September 01, 2012

How do you do it?

Not taking people for granted, that is.    People say it all the time, especially those who are grieving the recent loss of someone beloved.  They look you in the eye, and you can see the raw emotion in theirs, and they say it pleadingly:

"Don't ever take your loved ones for granted.  Treasure every moment."

I always have the same reply...  Thank you and I'll do my best to treasure him/her/them and I'm just so, so sorry.

But I'm not sure I really--I mean really--know what that means.  How do you walk away from a grieving person, greet your family at the door, and then "not take them for granted?"

I'm sure it means telling them how you love them, and telling them often, with varying vocabulary and methods.  Probably it means thanking God for them and intentionally being "all there" when you're together.  I think it means remembering good times you've had together, reflecting with them on how special they are to you, and what wonderful times you've shared.
 It must mean praying for them and with them, and really, truly looking at them with seeing eyes when you're talking together.  It means knowing that you aren't guaranteed next year, tomorrow, or this very evening with them... and living like it.  Soaking up the opportunities to be together and redeeming the time you have together.

I never want to take anyone for granted!  I want to live without regrets and love without reserve.


Mary Ann said...

I'm thinking you've got as good of an understanding as you can at this point. Until you've lost someone I don't know if you can have a deeper awareness. Since I lost my mom unexpectedly this winter I understand a little more clearly how I had taken her for granted. One thing I wish we had done more was talk about our future in heaven. Maybe that would have made this separation a little easier but who knows.
God has blessed you with a beautiful family =)