Monday, September 17, 2012

Brienna is THREE!

We had a little family celebration for Brienna yesterday, on her third birthday!  Can't believe it!
She was so funny in the days leading up to her birthday.  Our conversations went something like this:

Us:  "Brienna, it's almost your birthday!  What do you want for your birthday?"
Brienna:  "I want pink and blue."
Us:  "Uh... well, what about your cake?  What kind of cake do you want? Yellow, choc--"
Brienna:  "I want a pink one, and a blue one."
Us:  "Oh, okay.  And would you like a donut for your birthday breakfast?"
Brienna:  "TWO DONUTS.  One pink and one blue."
Us:  "How about your birthday present?  What kind of present would you like?"
Brienna:  "Pink presents and blue presents."

Well, we humored her and put up 2 rolls of streamers:  one pink and one blue.
We bought her a pink foil balloon with blue flowers on it.
We wrapped her gifts in blue paper.
And we put pink and blue frosting on her (yellow) cake.
With Olivia's birthday taking place last Monday, she had 6 days of sheer torture, asking every day, "NOW is it my birthday?"  

Yesterday she prayed over her breakfast donut, which of course was covered in pink sprinkles.
"Dear God, thank you for this donut, and thank you that I can be three.  Amen."

She was one excited little girl, all day long!

Those of you who know this child... you KNOW she NEEDS this helmet.  We may not take it off.  EVER.
(Not kidding.)
(Sweet little thang.)

And actually, WHAT WERE WE THINKING!???
We should've bought helmets for OURSELVES.

Isn't it fun to reminisce?

On this day in 2009, I was basking in the glow of new motherhood for the third time.  My baby was 24 hours old and was the most beautiful creature ever to slide out of a birth canal.
(Sorry for saying birth canal.)

Little did I know that this sweet little bundle would give me double mastitis, months of nighttime feedings, and LOTS of gray hairs.  I had no idea, either, that she'd turn into such a tank, and would soon scale every fence, woodpile, and piece of furniture within sight.

Enjoy these fun and funny photos of my baby.

Silly girl.

"Go Blue" girl

Pretty girl

Sweaty girl (Isn't this so sad?  It was 97* that day.)

Happy girl

Sleepy girl

Big girl

I have so many shots of her looking down.  Those eyelashes on the chubby cheeks... they melt me!

Daddy's girl

Sweet-toothed girl

Spitting image of Daddy!

Messy girl

We love you, Bri-Bri!