Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How we do school

We are all enjoying this homeschooling adventure.
We are a blend of formal and casual schooling styles.



Last week we did very little formal handwriting practice (BLAH!).
Olivia instead wrote many lovely thank-you notes for her birthday gifts.

 **nature studies**

 **interpersonal relations** (ahem)

(**and heritage studies**)

The assignment was to write one sentence, telling her favorite new fact about a Native American tribe, and then to draw a corresponding picture.  Completely independently, Olivia came upstairs with this!
**heritage studies**

We are enjoying the flexibility of Homeschooling and the wonderful family time it provides (translation:  Olivia actually gets to see her Daddy during the week!).  We're tailoring the English & Reading programs to suit Olivia's needs.  (She's reading the Little House series, along with many other supplemental books.)  Extracurriculars are lots of fun!  Ellia and Brienna love to "do school" with Olivia, though I expect that will wear off sooner or later.  We have been pleasantly surprised, and we look forward to many fun-filled days of learning!