Wednesday, February 22, 2012


It is so startling to watch the kids grow and change!  Lately we've notice that Ellia especially is getting prettier and taller and talking like such a big girl.  

(She often has the big-girl attitude to match, but we won't go there.)
 ***Ellia, 3 years ago***

Ellia is now 3 years, 8 months.  She says she can't wait to be four, because then she'll be a grown-up.  She's in size 4 clothing and size 9 shoes (mostly), and her hair is nearly waist-long.  It has lost most of its curl, sadly, but it remains dark brown.  

Ellia loves to play dress-up, and she would do it all day every day if we let her.  Her go-to outfit is a sparkly black ballerina leotard WITH TIGHTS, MOMMY!  WITH TIGHTS!  Otherwise, she absolutely doesn't care what she wears on any given day.  

She loves to look at books (or have them read to her, if possible) and play with small toys--little Happy Meal junk, ponies, and people with maddening little microscopic outfits...that sort of thing.  Ellia also adores Patch the Pirate CD's.  We have PtP Goes to Space, PtP Goes West, PtP Goes to the Jungle, and PtP on Pleasure Island.  She loves them all.  

Ellia has a real sweet tooth.  No surprise, since her mother has a whole mouth full of them.  She asks for a treat after every meal.  She does, however, enjoy healthy things:  she likes salad, raw carrots and cauliflower WITH RANCH, MOM!  WITH RANCH!, grape tomatoes, mushrooms, any and all fruits, and nearly all steamed veggies.  Her favorite foods are pastas, burgers, tacos, and pizza.  Preferably with cheese on all of them. (Atta girl!)

**Ellia, just last week, sucking down her green smoothie**

***Olivia & Ellia***

Olivia:  "Mommy, do we eat turkey breasts?"
Me:  "Yes, we do."
Ellia:  "Ew, I don't!"
Me:  (chuckling) "Sure, you do!  You've had turkey before!"
Ellia:  "Yes, but I have NEVER eaten a breast. Gross."
Me:  "Sure you have!  Birds have breasts, just like people do."
Ellia:  (rolling eyes) "Oh, MOM!!  That is just silly!"


Me:  "Ew, Ellia your nose has yucky stuff on it!  Come here and I'll get it."
Ellia:  (pulling away) "No, Mommy!  That's just what Ellias have on their noses!"


We can see some patterns in Ellia's little unregenerate heart which give us cause for great concern, and even though we often feel as though we're at a total loss for answers, we do know that wisdom is abundantly available for those who ask!

We love you, Ellia Joy!  We believe that God will use you for a big job one day!