Friday, October 14, 2011

Fallish Adventures

Last week we ripped out the garden.
And when I say, "we," I mean the girls and I!

They were so helpful to me!  Not "helpful," like the way a 2-year-old drenches your entire kitchen and yourself and herself, when she "helps" you do the dishes.  But really and truly helpful!  I gave them the very important job of gleaning the tomatoes that lingered on the vines.  They placed the tomatoes into their shopping cart and then (roughly) transferred them to the wagon... their idea, not mine.

Once the decent tomatoes were picked and the plants uprooted, the girls helped me by putting all of the stakes in a pile.  I didn't care that it wasn't neat; I just didn't want to trip over them. 

We had so much fun working together!  They required very little instruction or refereeing; we simply enjoyed the lovely weather and the chance to be with each other.  These sweeties take such pride in being a big helper to their mama!  And I guess I must've hovered over the garden quite a bit during the growing season, cautioning them to walk between the rows and not to pull vegetables prematurely... because they thought it was great fun, picking each and every tomato!  Even "the baby ones!"

Then one of them found a worm.  And so they went on a Worm Hunting Expedition and I was left to finish the job alone.  That was okay, for they had worked so diligently and happily!

They amaze me.  These funny girls switched easily from gardening mode to dirt-digging mode to dress-up/playacting mode.

I love it when they help me willingly.  It makes me excited for the day not too far off, when they're all bustling around our home, each contributing happily and productively to the family.