Thursday, October 13, 2011

Children as Tools of our Sanctification

God sometimes uses our children as cute little wake-up calls. 
Does he ever do that in your family?  
My kids provide some of the most intense sanctification opportunites!   
Ellia admires the rabbits.

Last night at bedtime Olivia wanted to pray.  She said a couple quick sentences and then, "Amen."  Here, the rest of the conversation:
Me:  "Well, that was fast.  That's all you want to say to God?" 
Olivia:  "Yes, that's all."
Me:  "But He loves it when we talk to Him!  Would you like to pray some more?"
Olivia:  "No... I don't want to waste His time."

Olivia, her first pony ride

Talk about a dagger straight to my heart!  It brings stinging tears even now, this portrait I have given of our Heavenly Father... one who is too busy or disinterested to listen to His own.
Brienna shows Mama "a baby one."

Clearly ours is a precious and heavy job.  I am so thankful today for the Spirit's work of conviction.  What a thrilling task is set before me--showing my children from the Scriptures that God loves them, delights in them, inclines to hear their sweet prayers.