Saturday, October 15, 2011


We'd been considering giving Olivia her own room for some time, but our crazy schedules prevented us from actually doing it.  Large chunks of time are hard to come by around here.
For two years, Brienna has had her own room, and the older two have been sharing a room. 

Until last weekend!  Nate was away on a little trip with his dad & brothers, so I decided to surprise him by switching Biggest Sister and Littlest Sister.  It was fun!
I even had a little help(er).
 ***Brienna, helping me take the crib apart.***
Olivia wasn't sure about this at first. 
"But Mommy, I don't want to sleep by myself!"
 But once she got a look inside her new room, she loved it.  Said it was PERFECT.
The two little ones are having a grand time together, too.  It's a nice little change-up in the bedtime routine.  A LOT less stressful in the mornings, too!