Saturday, September 17, 2011

Brienna is TWO!

My "baby" is two.  TWO! 
Brienna Elyse is so pretty.  She's sassy and sweet and funny, too.
She's a cheese ball. Whenever the camera comes out, she says, "CHEEEEESE!"
Then she runs over to look at the photo and says, "Aww!"
 Brienna, wearing one of my old shirts.  It says, "Washington D.C. 1981."

Brienna is very curious.

A classic third-born, she constantly feels the need to keep up with her big sisters. 
She's loud, fast, and stubborn.

Did I mention that she's curious?
 the three girls, watching a daddy longlegs

Brienna has no trouble sleeping for naps and bedtime, since she completely wears herself out during the day!

 Brienna opens her cards and gifts on her birthday.


Weadock Family said...

Happy Birthday, Brienna!! She looks so much like Olivia, then she doesn't! Each picture looks like a different child--she's very cute, Karen. I can't believe she's 2 already, though.