Monday, September 26, 2011

Olivia is FIVE!

Our biggest little woman has arrived at the ripe ole age of five.

The way she talks and acts, though, you'd think she were twenty-five.

On the morning of her birthday,  I asked her, "How do you feel?"

She thought about it and announced,

"I feel bigger, Mama.  I feel like I'm actually six.  Do I look six?"

Olivia is 100% bookworm, though she hates it when we tell her so.  She can read very well.

She had only two big wishes for her birthday.  One of them was a bike helmet.
Some time ago we decided that our kids don't need big birthday bashes every year.  They aren't royalty, and we aren't rich!  We will do parties for their first, fifth, tenth, and 16th birthdays.  Olivia was thrilled when we announced that her big birthday party was going to be held at Pump It Up.
With the help of a friend, I made Livvie's birthday cake--a beach cake, which she LOVED.

Our friend and occasional babysitter made (YES, MADE!) this gown for Olivia.  

Olivia is doing well in school.  She absolutely loves everything about it, and we're getting a kick out of all the things she's learning, too.  Lately she's been singing "God Bless America" quite a bit and telling the account of The Fall over and over again.  She also likes to randomly recite the pledges whenever the mood strikes.

Her favorite foods are fairly typical:  pizza, pasta, sandwiches, yogurt, breads, most fruit, and sweets.

Livvie is still a mama's girl.  I asked her, "What is your favorite thing to do with me?"  She said, "Oh, just anything.  I just like to be with you all the time."

She's still very "into" the girly/feminine/pretty/(and yes, princess) stuff.  When the princess mentality sets in (the sense of entitlement and in general being SPOILED), we remind her that she isn't really a princess.  She loves to play dress-up and ballet and wedding and house.

We continue to work with Olivia on such issues as kindness toward others and a cheerful, thankful heart. She is a spirited girl, and we pray that God will be able to use her in a big way for him! 

When she grows up, Olivia wants to be a teacher, a pilot, a firefighter, and a mother.  I asked her, "I thought you wanted to be a missionary.  What about that?" 

She said, "Mom!  You're so silly.  I already AM a missionary, and I'll always be one!"


Mary Ann said...

She sounds like a real sweetie. Happy birthday, Olivia!