Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Girls: the models!

A couple months ago my friend Melissa asked if my girls would be willing to pose as clothing/accessory models for her Etsy shop, The Trendy Tadpoles.  To thank me, she'd make sure I got a few pictures of the girls to keep.  I said sure!  
Melissa was going to hire her photographer friend Rachel to do the photo shoot.  I didn't know Rachel, and I didn't have time to browse her website, either.  Weeks later, when we got a sneak peak at the photos, I was shocked at how gorgeous they were!  Rachel did a fantastic job of capturing not only my cute kids, but also Melissa's lovely children's clothing! 

And then Melissa sent me a CD of the pictures, so I could print off the ones I liked. 

Just check out all of the cuteness.
 Sweet, hot baby.  It was about 96 degrees on this afternoon.

 (LOVE the bloomers!)

 (LOVE the headband!)

The older two were being so funny and cute, so I told them to face each other and touch noses.

 One of my top 3 faves.  Do the bright colors POP, or what!?

 Talk about adorable!  I love the different patterns of this outfit.

Thank you, Rachel and Melissa!  You both do amazing work!
I now have Olivia's 5-year photo, Ellia's 3-year, and Brienna's 2-year.  Now I just have to pick which ones to blow up! 


Alicia said...

Utterly adorable! I wondered about those outfits being homemade as Chloe has a skirt with that exact same orange flower material that my grandma made for her. I agree, that headband is uber cute! Definitely makes the outfit! What a bonus blessing that you got some free pix out of the deal!

Mary Ann said...

Wow - that worked out great for everybody! It looks like the girls really had fun, too. I love the little outfits & your girls are growing up great - sweet & cute :-)