Thursday, March 03, 2011

I *Heart* Markdowns! (subtitled: How to Know if You're Getting Old)

We'd been without fruit for about 4 days, and the kids were missing it. 
So was I.

So I bundled everyone up and headed to the nearest grocery store--about a mile away.  It's not in a good neighborhood, and not exactly known for being the cheapest, most well-stocked store.  But I was tired, and so were the girls.  Their flier advertised a good sale on strawberries and pears, so off we went.

I nearly squealed with delight when I noticed several packages and bundles of marked-down produce, sitting dejectedly at the end of an unused register!  Now, who says God doesn't ordain our steps?!? 
a bag of Tropicana oranges:  $1.49
a head of cauliflower:  $1.39
4-packs of pears:  $0.89 each
not pictured:  packages of turkey bacon for $1 each, chicken pieces for $0.89/lb., and ground turkey for $1.88/lb.

I'm still feeling all warm & fuzzy inside at the thought of snagging such great deals!
Does this make me weird?


TwoMuths said...

I personally think it makes you awesome. I might be slightly biased, seeing as I get all excited about markdowns too. Praising GOD with you - Hooray for deals!

Sam said...

AWESOME!!!!!! I think every mom gets excited about markdowns. :)

Alicia said...

I whole-heartedly agree -- markdowns make my little budget-chopping day! It's just cool to see how even in little details like this God is at work showing His tender love for us and providing.

Mary Ann said...

I think it makes you smart - why spend money you don't have to? Great deals from our great God!