Thursday, March 31, 2011

Heard in our house recently (continued)

(watching Nate fix something)
Me:  "Isn't Daddy handy, girls!?"
Olivia:  "Yes, he is!  He's like God--he can fix anything!"

(looking at a lovely sunset photo)
"Look, Mommy!  It's heaven!"

"Mommy, we've been waiting for the doctor forEVER, and I'M EXHAUSTED!"

Olivia:  "Mommy, what's 'speechless' mean?"
Me:  "It means you're so excited or surprised that you can't think of anything to say."
Olivia:  "Oh.  I've never been speechless.  Not ever!"
Me:  "Yes, I've noticed!"
Olivia:  "Oh, well.  Maybe I'll be speechless one day when I'm a grownup."

***Brienna, "helping" me make cookie dough***