Saturday, April 02, 2011


We like Fancy Nancy around here.

If they had their way, these three Fancy Nancies would get gussied up every day.
So when I found out that our local library was having a Fancy Nancy party, I knew we had to partake!
First, we had to get as fancy as we possibly could.

At the library, we listened to Fancy Nancy.

Then, after decorating our tiaras (which nobody wanted to wear very long, strangely enough), we enjoyed some very fancy cupcakes and punch.

"Oh, darling, you have a sprinkle on your fancy gown."

We made a new fancy friend, Tessa.  And also some tissue paper flowers.

And then we made necklaces.  How fancy!

And then one of us had a very fancy little meltdown.  So we went home for some fancy mac-n-cheese and a long, fancy nap.

The (Fancy) End


Alicia said...

What fancy fun! Except for the meltdown, of course. How cute that you captured her classic expression on camera. Ha!

Gustavo said...
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Gustavo said...

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