Friday, January 14, 2011

Various and Sundry (Brain Dump)

1.  I'm working to get back on the Healthy Eating and Exercise Bandwagon.  You'll remember that I took somewhat of a vacation back in September, right?  Well.  It's been a long and glorious vacation, folks.  I'm ashamed to say it:  but my willpower and resolve and good intentions have flown the coop.

How can you blame me, though?  Just look at this spread, featured at just ONE of the Christmas get-togethers this past season!

 (Love how the salad fixin's are smooshed over to the far corner!)

So now my jeans are fitting juuuuust a little snugly, and my weight loss goal is set back at 12 or so pounds, to put me back to my wedding day weight.  Not that I expect to ever fit into my wedding dress again.  (The three suckling infants, you understand.) 

I'm going to give the No "S" Eating Plan a try.  It seems extremely do-able for me.  I'll keep you posted. 

2.  This is making me all sorts of happy:

Mostly they just make Bubble Soup.  But they enjoy "helping," and that's good enough for now.

3.  Brienna is so, so funny.  She cracks us up all day long.

I love this stage best, I think--right around 15-18 months.  Her personality is really coming out now, and she's learning things at an astonishing rate!  She's working very hard to perfect The Stinkeye.  She's on a bit of a food strike; I think she read my bragging post on her stellar eating habits

Rice cake=excellent food choice.  Drizzled with caramel?  Not quite, dearie.

4.  Ellia, on the other hand, ate four slices of pizza last week. 
That's FOUR. 
Four slices of a medium pizza!  It was sickening to watch.  She is her mother's child.  (See number 1.)

5.  My pointsettia is still alive.  I bought it December 16th, and it's still alive and beautiful.  This is most certainly a record for me, as I have horrible luck with houseplants.  I even killed a cactus once.  You know the ones--desert plants?  Designed to survive in sand?  And the harsh elements?  With very little water?  Yep, I killed one.  But the pointsettia?  Now this is a Christmas miracle.  And to think it cost a mere three dollars!

6.  I don't quite know why, but I really love this photo, taken sometime during the winter of 2004.  Maybe it's our jubilant newlywed smiles, or my kicky foot pose.  I think it's largely due to my very cute red sweater... which I don't remember ever owning.  Where did this sweater come from?  I don't wear much red at all, but why not?  And why on earth did I get rid of it? 

This Brain Dump has been successfully completed.
Thank you for your cooperation.


Mary Ann said...

Do you feel much relieved to get that stuff out of your head? I think Brain Dumps are very liberating :-)
I am not shocked by your cactus confession. As long as you promise not to be shocked when I tell you I've done the same - a couple of times. *sigh* My father is a landscaper/master gardener & I can't grow a cactus.
I love the red sweater, too. Red is a fabulous color.
Have a great weekend!