Monday, January 10, 2011

She comes by it honestly

A few weeks ago I called my mother, exasperated.  "Brienna is unbelievable!  She is into absolutely everything, and the worst thing is her CLIMBING!  We're always pulling her down from chairs, the window seat, the fireplace, the piano bench, EVERYTHING!  Every single moment of the day is a 'training opportunity,' and I'm exhausted!" 

Mom said, "Oh, I'm sure she's no worse than you were!" 

And I probably said something like, "Yeah, right!" 
(I'm so mature.)

Then, she & Dad came to visit, and she brought these photos of me, an 18-month-old Baby Karen, with her.

 (standing on my dresser)

(sitting on the table)

I guess God answered the wish that so many exasperated young mothers make:

 "I hope your children are just like you!"


Melissa said...

Thanks! That post made my day. That is the kind of day I had with Connor. Btw... That dresser is beautiful!