Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Birthday, Brienna!

My baby girl is one today!
(Can that be possible?  Really?  REALLY?!??)
Brienna is the epitome of sweetness.  She loves to give snuggles and, if she's feeling especially affectionate, little pat-pats on the arm.  Unlike the other two at this age, Brienna will easily smile at (almost) anyone.  My favorite part of the day is going into her room when she wakes in the morning.  She squeals with delight and jumps up and down in her crib... wish I were that happy in the morning!
Brienna is adventurous!  While I was trying to take these photos, she kept trying to stand up on the bench and walk down the porch steps.  She wants to do everything her big sisters do, and many times she's quite successful!  She loves to be outside--barefoot--and she never, ever stands still.
Brienna is not turning out to be quite the big eater that I thought she'd be.  Unlike her sisters, she does not love avocado, scrambled eggs, pancakes, or mashed potatoes.  She does, however, love pasta, squash, breads, dirt, and fruit of any kind.  She also still loves to nurse, which she does at mealtimes and bedtime. 
And once in the night.  *yawn
Brienna says "hi," "mama," and "dada," and she signs "more" and "all done."   She has her two bottom teeth and one top tooth, which makes for a pretty darling smile.  She's very ticklish, and she loves peek-a-boo, and we think she's the perfect Little Person for our family dynamic. 

Happy 1st Birthday, Baby Doll! 


melissa said...

Happy Birthday Brienna!!!!! I'm so sad that I missed it! I love and miss you guys soo much!

Mary Ann said...

Happy birthday to Brienna! What a cutie-patootie!