Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Olivia:  "Mommy, we should have a Mommy & Olivia Club."
Me:  "Oh!  What would we do in the club?"
Olivia:  "We would sing songs and play checkers." (She has never played checkers.)
Me:  "Wow, sounds fun." 
Olivia:  "Oh, yes, we would have so much fun together!"
Me:  "Sometimes people in a club have a special song they sing together.  What would be our club song?"
Olivia:  "Amazing Grace."
Me:  "Ah, that's a good choice.  What would we wear in the club?"
Olivia:  "Mmm, a skirt and a shirt.  We would be SO pretty."


the johnson crew said...

ha ha, that is so cute. what a fun little girl. i hope i can meet your girls some time. - maybe sometime when you are in waupacca our familys could meet up at a mcdonalds playland sometime. (we live near madison, wi now.)